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Live & Humble CD

  • Live & Humble CD

Released in 2013
The Steepwater Band s latest album LIVE & HUMBLE was recorded in Chicago on 4/20/13 at the now-defunct Ace Bar on West Fullerton Avenue.

1. Remember The Taker
2. Off The Rails
3. At The Fall Of The Day
4. Come On Down
5. Dance Me A Number
6. High And Humble
7. Meet Me At The Aftermath
8. Boom Boom/How Many More Times
9. My Back Pocket
10. All The Way To Nowhere
11. World Keeps Moving On

Anchored by the ultra-solid and at times (on LIVE & HUMBLE), funky rhythm section of Bowers and Winters, their unshakeable base allows Massey and Saylors the freedom to take their dynamic guitar interplay to new heights.
~ Ryan Sparks |